Inacta Innovation Circle - yeswetrust

8. August 2022

Inacta Innovation Circle - yeswetrust


The first Inacta Innovation Circle at SHED was a high success! Guests learned about the recently announced Crypto Stamp 2.0, asset tokenization, and the recent debut of the yeswetrust security token named Trustshare. All of this, while learning about the Crypto Valley, the inventive environment in which we live.

We were honored to welcome Heinz Tännler from the Canton of Zug, who spoke about the canton's upcoming initiatives in the blockchain and crypto space. Many thanks as well to Julien Jordan, Product Manager of Stamps & Philatel at the Schweizerischen Post, and DanielRutishauser, Head DLT & Financial Services at Inacta, for providing insights into the Swiss Crypto Stamp 2.0. Also a big thank you to Stefan Kanalga, Founder & CEO of yeswetrust, who launched the “Trustshare” – a security token now available on the Tokengate platform. Click here for further information.

Check out the impressions below to see what the experience was like. 


Inacta Innovation Circle

August 8, 2022, 18.30-21.00

Dammstrasse 16
6300 Zug